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After The Funeral


As people try to cope with loss, a whole range of emotions can follow that may leave them painfully hurt and may alter the way they live, think and behave. They may become increasingly sad, irritable, angry, depressed and lonely. They may even feel guilty and change emotionally and physically, causing problems between family members and close friends.

It is very important to try to understand what is being felt and experienced, respond in a sensitive and caring manner, be patient, and listen carefully as they express their feelings. Often just being able to offload the grief onto another family member or friend is sufficient in helping to come to terms with the loss.

However, sometimes a more professional approach is needed. This may be from the family clergy, doctor or one of a number of bereavement councillors such as Cruse or Lighthouse.

Remember there is often no quick fix, it can be very frustrating, even hurtful and can affect anyone at any age, young or old, it may affect the strongest amongst us, those we least expect.